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Johnathan Felton
Johnathan Felton

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BIRTHDATE: born on Feb 12, 1972

OCCUPATION: For now I work at sports stadiums/convention centers as a cook. But my hobbies include drawing & painting, and theater (performing, etc. as relates to Rocky)

HOMEPAGE: -or yahoo club that I started with a message board, links to Texas Rockycasts & some photos.

E-MAIL: or

CAST: The Beautiful Creatures

DR. SCOTT EXPERIENCE: I started this year back in January? Been with the cast since Nov. 2000. Had planned on just doing crew, but was cast as a fill in. Now I'm a regular performer- Am starting as Brad & play a Tranny & may do other parts later.

PREVIOUS CAST(S): no previous casts- was a semi regular audience member for over 10 yrs & was into theater in high school.

OTHER: Really got into the part- provided my own wheelchair, note & teddy bear. Sometimes I grow a mustache for it & have a complete costume except for the blanket that's provided by the cast. Scotty is a lot of fun & I love getting laughs. Yes My name really is Johnathan, & I really do have a February birthday, and I am left handed!

(Added to site on 1/15/02, information as of 10/01)