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Randy S. Mason

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LOCATION: Clearwater/Largo area, FL

BIRTHDATE: 10-10-70 Which means I'm 30 years old and not supposed to do this childish 'thing' anymore-- right Mom? Damn, I'm getting old, as my 11 yr old daughter will tell you.

OCCUPATION: Tech Data in Customer Service I talk all day on the phone to people who are pissed off. Yes, girls they will actually pay you to talk on the phone, and no, it doesn't have to be a 1-900 phone sex line.

E-MAIL: I a big meatloaf fan. I'm a big everything.

CAST: Interchangeable Parts & Larger Than Life (annual cast)

DR. SCOTT EXPERIENCE: I've only played Dr. Scott for the past three years off and on. A cast member left and they needed someone to fill in. I wanted to be a lead character again, and the rest is history.

PREVIOUS CAST(S): I have also been a part of the cast of Creatures of the Night in Melbourne, FL, which is a bit like West Virginia in bikinis.

OTHER: Most people don't like to play Dr. Scott, but I love it. I can either play a Trannie, or enjoy half the movie, do AP, then still have lots of time on stage. More time than Eddie or Crim (the other leads I've done), even if not as flashy. A little scooting around in the wheelchair, a little bit of leg, then on the ground and reaching for the sky before the castle lift-off.

Added to site on 6/29/01