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LOCATION: currently, i live in myrtle beach, sc, but used to also perform (and occasionally still do while visiting) when i lived in anderson, sc.

BIRTHDATE: 06/20/78

OCCUPATION: im the "cast cripple" true...while living and performing in anderson, i played Brad and Janet, depending on whom we needed....but when our theatre closed, and we moved to easley, sc, i took on the role of Dr. Scott, due to a car wreck i had that permanently disabled me...i can walk, with a limp....and it hurts too, but i get by...i no longer need a wheelchair, crutch, or cane.

HOMEPAGE: i dont really have a homepage (yet), but ill give u the 2 casts that i perform with pages....F5's is & Backrow Productions is


CAST: i was the cast founder of F5...and basically started it when rocky came to anderson, later moved on to easley, then spartanburg, and now resides back in easley....but i moved to myrtle beach, sc, around the time it moved to easley for the 2nd now i perform monthly with the cast Backrow Productions of charleston, sc...i am also a part of the Sins of the South is basically made up of various members of BRP, F5, and one member of the savannah, ga cast, Pure SOS, we perform semi-regulary at the House of Blues in myrtle beach every 2 months, or so.

DR. SCOTT EXPERIENCE: well, i started playing as Dr. Scott the friday after September 11, 2001, after i got out of the hospital that nite...and when i joined BRP, in november of 2002, i started performing as Brad, and then Rocky.

PREV. CAST(S): when i lived in atlanta, ga, i worked at a theatre that started playing RHPS, and the 2 casts N9 and Lambda Psi Phi started performing...i got involved with a member of N9, and was drawn deeper into the realm of Rocky Horror, yet, i never really had the balls to perform with i just mainly helped out with cleaning and stuff....i never performed until i moved back to anderson, sc and formed F5.

OTHER: i liked his role so much, that when i did begin to be able to weightbear and walk again without the help of crutches or canes, that i just stuck with his was fun for me, and i really liked the his part in the dinner scene.

(sidenote--i am working on a fully-functional BIOMECHANICAL Dr. Scott costume for halloween this year...if and when it is completed, ill make sure to send photos)

Added to site on 9/26/03