Sheri Rosensweig

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BIRTHDATE: 12/6/73



CAST: I'm a member of 3 casts: Transexual Misfits, The Castle Transylvanians and Transylvanian Nipple Productions

DR. SCOTT EXPERIENCE: I started playing Dr. Scott in 1999. He was one of the characters in my rotation. I haven't played him very often, but I really enjoy doing it. Plus, I normally do Trixie at the beginning, a Transylvanian through the middle, then Dr. Scott at the end in one show. If I'm feeling particularly lazy, or I'm tired from doing two shows a weekend, I like just doing Scott for a bit of break.

PREVIOUS CAST(S): The Delaware Cast and Sincere Lust

OTHER: I play almost every part in the movie. I have them in order of how well I know them and how often I perform them. Dr. Scott is 4th.